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Various Products

Nasara Plus Tape

The special fabric of the Nasara Plus Tape offers superior properties, can absorb moisture and wick it to the outside. The tape thus remains fresh and ensures optimal performance. The polyester / spandex blend absorbs sweat and moisture faster. The fabric dries quickly, keeping the skin dry and fresh. Micro fabric with an improved weaving process whereby creates a light and comfortable feeling on the skin. The synthetic fabric with excellent tension intensity holds even during extreme body movements. Plus Tape is available in 4 colors.

Nasara Gitter Tape

Cross Tape or acupuncture patches are now an integral part of kinesiology taping therapy. Nasara cross tapes are applied along the course of the meridians on pain, trigger or acupuncture points. Available in three different sizes for different areas of application.

Nasara Quick Strips

Quick Strips are pre-cut strips of Kinesiology Tape for easy handling and application. The strips are packes in boxes of 50 pieces. There are 4 lenghts (15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm) and 4 shapes (X-, Y-, I-, E-shape) to choose from. Each Quick Strip is available in the 4 basic colors, the other 6 colors are available on request.

Nasara Pain Packs

Nasara Pain Packs are pre-packed Quick Strip bundles that contain strip combinations suitable for specific body regions. The Pain Packs are available in the 4 basic colors and for 8 body regions (shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist, lower back, knee, sole and calf). In addition, instructions for application are included. More comfortable Kinesiology Tape cannot be applied.

Nasara Animal Tape

10cm wide kinesiology tape, which is ideal for use on animals. Available in three colors (black, turquoise, pink). The upper material consists of 96% cotton and is very compatible with the adhesive for the animal skin. This tape should not be missing in any grooming bag.

Nasara Tourmalin Tape

Kinesiology Tape made of 96% cotton, which is covered with a very thin layer of tourmalin crystals. These sit directly on the skin and are intended to stimulate the blood circulation and metabolism during movement. The tape is available in 8 different colors and its measurements are 5cm x 5m.

Nasara Dragon Tape

Kinesiology Tape with stylish dragon print. The 5cm x 5m tape has the classic Asian dragon as a mordern print motif on the surface. The surface consists of 96% cotton and is applied with a skin-friendly acrylic adhesive on the body part.

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