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Special Sizes Kinesiology Tapes

2,5cm wide Kinesiology Tape

The classic Kinesiology Tape in a practical, narrower roll for a finer and more precise application. Ideal also for small body parts and requirements. Available in 9 colors, always two rolls per package.

7,5cm wide Kinesiology Tape

7,5cm wide tape for wider application or larger areas. Available in 9 different colors and thus the perfect complement to the classic 5cm roll.

32m long Kinesiology Tape

The 5cm wide Kinesiology Tape in the stock pack for therapists, medical practices or other frequent users. Available in 10 colors and in a practical dispenser box for multiple needs and long-lasting storage.

11m long Kinesiology Tape

The 11m roll is the perfect size for users who find the 5m roll too short, but the 32m roll too bulky. Ideal for frequent gluers, the dispenser box keeps the tape clean and fresh, but at the same time easy to apply. Available in the classic 4 colors.

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