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Nasara Classic Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m

Single Roll

The classic 5cm x 5m Kinesiology Tape from Nasara is available in 12 stylish colors. The inverted roll and the new backpaper allow the plastic around the roll to be omitted and the tape stays clean longer, strong in color and does not lose adhesion.

6s - Presentation display

Presentation display for the classic Kinesiology Tape. Ideal for salesrooms or as a display for counters. The stock pack contains 6 rolls of Kinesiology Tape and can be seperated along a perforation. Available in all 12 colors and as mix boxes.

Team-Pack product bundles

The most popular tape colors in practical 2, 3 or 4-packs, either in ready made display boxes or as pratical theme sets. Individually designable combinations enable a wide range of needs to be met.

2s Physio-Can

The practical physio box allows the transport of the kinesiology tapes in sports bags or other storage opions. Due to the sturdy box, the tapes are protected and always ready to hand. Available in all color combinations.

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